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Wildland Fire Gear

No Sweat Gear has been awarded contracts from the State of Alaska DNR, Federal BLM, and Alaska Fire Service Medics for the advanced cleaning of wildland fire gear and personal protective equipment.  We effectively removed contaminants like soot, smoke, dirt, blood, and other contaminants.  Items we cleaned are sleeping bags, Nomex shirts and pants, field packs, canteen cases, personal back packs, tent pads, tents and tent bags, chainsaw chaps, medical bags, duffle bags, fire shelter bags, and cargo nets.  The Esporta process does not degrade the waterproofing coating on the interiors of any of the packs or bags.  Contact us to bit on any contract solicitations.

Structural Turnout Gear

The Esporta Wash System is a unique laundering technology that provides for the cleaning of fire resistant Personal Protective Equipment without causing  deterioration of the fabrics, reduction of the coefficient of reflectivity of the reflective material, or damage to the hard goods. The combination of this technology utilizing the prescribed cleaning agents result in the following:  Removal of contaminants and elimination of contaminant build-up.  Removal of light to heavy, widespread and ground-in soils, which may be flammable.  Elimination of the potential formation of insoluble and flammable soap scum.  Minimal deterioration of the coefficient and retro-reflection after repeated launderings. Minimal color and strength loss over time.  Uncompromised thermal protection. Programmable and variable extraction speeds and "g" forces. Contact us to bit on any contract solicitations.

Hockey Gear and other Sports Equipment

No Sweat Gear and the Esporta wash system can effectively clean disinfect and deodorized all of your hockey gear from helmets to skates.  Esporta wash system kills 99.997% of all bacteria including MRSA staphylococcus aureus viruses.  The Esporta wash system is also designed to clean all other sporting equipment.  A nice side effect will be the reduction of odor in locker and equipment storage rooms.  Drop you gear off at Play it Again Sports in Fairbanks and we will take care of the rest.

Hunting, Camping, Guiding Gear

Tents, Sleeping bags with covers and sleeping pad/mat, Field packs (without frame), Personal floatation devices, Duffle bags, Tent pads.  Drop you gear off at Play it Again Sports in Fairbanks and we will take care of the rest.

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