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About Us

No Sweat Gear LLC

Serving Interior Alaska 
Since 2006


No Sweat Gear of Fairbanks Alaska began in 2006 with the utilization of interior Alaska's first Esporta Wash system designed to effectively clean harmful bacteria and contaminants from sports equipment. Today, the Esporta Wash System is the world leader in the cleaning of sports and protective equipment, with over 150 independent operations throughout North America, including No Sweat Gear. 

No Sweat Gear has continued to expand our services by utilizing the Esporta Wash System as a very effective process for the cleaning of: fire turnout gear, wildland fire gear, hunting/camping/guide gear, fire and flood damaged apparel and contents restoration items.

Independent laboratory testing has demonstrated that the patented Esporta Wash process kills 99.9997% of the harmful bacteria in hard and soft goods such as: plastic, leather, open and closed foams, rubbers and safety reflective tape. In addition, testing has demonstrated that the Esporta process does NOT deteriorate the retro-reflectivity of reflective tapes that are currently applied to fire gear, overalls and survival suits. The key of the patented cleaning process is that our process minimizes agitation of items being cleaned, thus ensuring the integrity of the goods cleaned. Not only does it remove all odors, it removes all risk of infection, without damaging specialty items!




The Esporta Wash Systems ES3300 is at the heart of our cleaning process. Specifically designed to clean and sanitize  sports gear and protective equipment, the system utilizes enzyme based detergents to eliminate the bacteria, mold, fungus, and grime.

The ES3300 runs a 3 hour wet-wash cycle that is safe on leathers, plastics, foams and fabrics. All gear is held securely within the machine, rotating it through the washing solution, preventing damage to the equipment through agitation and abrasive contact.

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