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A PROACTIVE approach in the fight against harmful bacteria and the expensive cost of replacing gear.

No Sweat Gear is the premiere sports and personal protective equipment cleaner in the state of Alaska, using the only full wet wash process.  We specialize in the disinfection and protection of sports and personal protective equipment. No Sweat Gear provides a proactive, preventive solution for individuals, organizations, and schools that are concerned about being protected from the MRSA and other harmful bacteria.  Because just cleaning isn’t enough!


Don't let your equipment suffer either. No Sweat Gear offers a guaranteed, efficient, and cost-effective professional method of cleaning your valuable equipment through a patented, multiple-step process of washing, sanitizing, and finishing, extending the life of your gear. The process results in thoroughly clean and bacteria-free equipment without the repugnant odor you thought there was nothing you could do about. No Sweat Gear also offers insurance restoration cleaning services for household items damaged or contaminated in fires or floods.


You no longer have to live, work, or play with unnecessary smells and germs!  Contact No Sweat Gear to schedule a cleaning today!

"If you don't like how you're stinkin...

                     ...get the funk out!"

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